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Sunday 24 January

Petersfield Town Partnership - Town Character Group

Meeting Minutes - 25 October 2008 - Venue: 28A the Spain, Petersfield

1. Present

• Vincent Edberg (VE), Tracey Haskins (TH),Tony Struthers (TS), Nick Keith (NK),
Phil Haines (PH),

2. Apologies

• Vaughan Clarke (VC), Ken Hick (KH), David Jeffery (DJ), John Venning (JV).
Catherine Stagg-Macey, Tony Wilson (TW), David Williams (DW)

3. Minutes of Meeting

• Minutes of 27 September were approved.

4. Matters arising

• All matters arising covered under headings below.

5. Future Consultation with EHDC

• TS, DJ, PH & VE met on Thursday 23 October with representatives of EHDC planning including Alistair Spiers, Valery Dobson, Julia Mansi, Stephen d’Este Hoar and John Townsend. The tone of the meeting was very constructive and it was clear that EHDC planning are thinking about the Pertersfield TDS as a SPD.

• Part 2 of the TDS was discussed in some detail and EHDC made comments that were noted and to be considered after the meeting.

• It was suggested that Part 2 should be made user friendly by reducing the 25 area summaries into a much smaller number of character areas.

• Peter Sylvester is then contact at EHDC who would deal with the availability of map illustrations.

• The TDS group was advised to expand on the description of the public consultation process.

• Other EHDC observations included:
- More detail relating to design issues
- Define the character of Petersfield. Very important for putting the TDS on context and to explain what is special in design terms about Petersfield.
- Try to avoid the term Eco towns as it has become loaded definition that may detract from the actual meaning of text.
- Good illustrations including maps, photographs and line diagrams are key to the readability of a the TDS.

6. Action Plan and Progress for Writing TDS

• TS & TH to review TDS text in light of meeting with EHDC and then circulate update.

• PH to consider guidelines for illustrations and where we need them in the document.

• All committee members to consider type of illustrations they would like to see in the final version of the TDS.

• Part 2 to be considered as a smaller number of character areas as suggested during EHDC meeting. TW & VE to have a think about this.

• JV to be reminded to keep an eye on the landscape relevant text emerging as this matter is seen by all as vital for defining the character of Petersfield. The arguments for retaining Petersfield within the SDNP are in this respect key.

• TS & TH to work on update of TDS for 23 October meeting with EHDC. TW will continuo to assess and edit presented text.

• VE to contact Peter Sylvester of EHDC about availability of maps in a suitable electronic format for adding information via computer and subsequent publication in the TDS.

• NK volunteered to explore possible license issues relating to using maps and other illustration by others.

• VE to give statement of progress at Petersfield Tomorrow AGM.

7. Future Public Consultation Events and Publicity

• Saturday morning workshop after Christmas is still on the agenda and to be discussed at next committee meeting.

6. Project cost planning

• There was no time to raise the matter of funding of printing at the meeting with EHDC. VE to raise this matter independently with Alistair Spiers in the first place.

9. Project Time Update

• No update at this time

10. Wiki Update

• No update at this time.

11. Any Other Business

• TS to attend morning conference in Alton on 21 October on LDF.

• Date for P2M AGM has been set for 27 October 2008.

12. Date and place of next meeting

• Next meeting to be held on Saturday 6 December 2008 at 9.30 am at 28A the Spain.