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Sunday 24 January

Petersfield Town Partnership - Town Character Group

Meeting Minutes - 12 July 2008 - Venue: 28A the Spain, Petersfield


1. Present

• Vincent Edberg (VE), David Jeffery (DJ), Tracey Haskins (TH), Catherine Stagg-Macey, Tony Struthers (TS), , Tony Wilson (TW)

2. Apologies

• Vaughan Clarke (VC), Ken Hick (KH), Nick Keith (NK), John Venning (JV). David Williams (DW), Phil Haines (PH)

3. Minutes of Meeting 7 June 2008

• These minutes were not available before the meeting so could not be approved.

4. Matters arising

• No matters arising discussed.

5. EHDC Core Strategy

• VE, DJ & TW attended Core Strategy Meeting at EHDC on 30th June and reported back to the committee:
- The meeting opened up with a discussion about the structure of the LDF and how it relates to the present Local Plan and also how the Petersfield TDS can be adopted as a SPD. EHDC stated that the Alton TDS will be adopted as a SPG and suggested that this may be sufficient for Petersfield as well. It was in response clearly emphasised that the TDS committee see SPD status as essential particularly in light of uncertainty about SDNP and or AONB status.
- EHDC attempted to move the discussion onto the future allocation of reserve sites for housing in the Petersfield Area up to 2016. These included those already considered under the Local Plan second review. The argument was that housing development should be focused on the two larger towns Petersfield & Alton.
- Christopher Napier of CPRE and PH responded and opened up the debate stating that this approach is misguided as the Whitehill Bordon housing allocation is central to the overall analysis.
- It was claimed that the Bordon Whitehill housing allocation was separate from the general 4000 allocation figure for East Hampshire. A heated debate followed centered around the possibility of building between 2000 and 8000 homes in Whitehill Bordon in addition which would mean a total range of 6000 to 12000 homes for East Hampshire.
- Christopher Napier pointed out that an extensive consultation process about reserve sites in Petersfield had been completed when forming the present Local Plan and that that knowledge base should not be ignored or forgotten but used as one starting point for forming policy expressed in the LDF.
- Discussion moved onto the allocation of employment land and the fact that the majority of people working on such present sites commute into Petersfield while a large part of Petersfield inhabitants commute out.
- Christopher Napier explained that he saw the future of Petersfield directly related to the level of ambition for how it should be formed. A vision emerged of the possibility of a unique town in a national park setting centered around a sustainability notion based on a home or close to home working community that is strongly supporting local produce, local businesses and activities.
- Meeting notes taken by EHDC and other information has been assembled in individual packs for committee members and posted to VE. These were distributed to those members present.

6. Action Plan for Writing TDS

• It was concluded following general discussion about document layout that the main references should be assembled at the back of the TDS document. This will be reassessed as writing progresses. The aim must be to make the document as readable as possible thus avoiding a text book feel.
• Some sections of the preliminary draft text consist of bullet points only. It was decided that an introductory and explanatory paragraph or sentences would be much to prefer to give a background to bullet points.
• A reference to the SDNP should be made under 5.1
• There was some confusion over possible double cover by chapter 4 Setting, Character and Landscape and 5.2 Threats tot he Character and Setting of the Town. This needs to be considered more carefully.
• TH offered to reconsider and update the contents sheet of the TDS.
• TW offered to reassess the structure of the document.
• Presentation of area summaries was discussed. TS suggested that grouping a number of areas in character slots was cumbersome and thought leaving the 25 areas as they are more straight forward. Comments and other contributions to a particular area may otherwise get lost. TH offered to explore experiences from the Guildford area in case this would give some guidance.
• TH said that she would in the near future be able to circulate and update on the status of Supplementary Planning Documents.
• VE to circulate updated version of writing action sheet that was attached as an appendix to meeting agenda of 7 June.
• It would be helpful if draft text of all sections could be available for the committee to consider by the weekend commencing 9 August.

7. Future Public Consultation Events and Publicity

• The TDS group to man a stall at the Sunday 25 of August from 10 am to 17 pm if possible. Volunteers are required.

9. Project cost planning

• No update necessary.

10. Project Time Update

• No update available

11. Wiki Update

• It is now possible to add photograph files to each area summary published on the Wiki.

12. Any Other Business

• No other business reported.

13. Date and place of next meeting

• Next meeting to be held on Saturday 16 August 2008 at 9.30 am at 28A the Spain.