Friday 29 May

Petersfield Town Partnership - Town Character Group

Meeting Minutes - 3 May 2008 - Venue: 28A the Spain, Petersfield

1. Present

• Vincent Edberg (VE), Phil Haines (PH), Tracey Haskins (TH), Tony Struthers (TS), David Williams (DW), Tony Wilson (TW)

2. Apologies

• Vaughan Clarke (VC), Ken Hick (KH), David Jeffery (DJ), Nick Keith (NK), John Venning (JV).

3. Minutes of Meeting 12 April 2008

• The minutes were approved as a correct record of the meeting.

4. Matters arising

• No matters arising discussed.

5. EHDC Core Strategy

• Core Strategy questionnaires were run through one by one. TS to complete final version for submission to EHDC by Tuesday 6 May.

6. Action Plan for Writing TDS

• The draft Alton TDS is now available on line. It is suggested that committee members have a look at this document before the next meeting

• TH agreed to update skeleton layout of the Petersfield TDS for circulation before the next meeting

• TS raised concerns over intentions to group the 25 area summaries into larger and fewer groups. It was agreed that, for the time being, the 25 groups should be left as they are.

• VE to forward draft history section completed by DJ to TH.

7. Interaction with Local Business Community

• Flyer and accompanying letter has been completed and has been forwarded by PH to Liza Smith of EHDC for distribution to the business community. Winton House will be added as return address for replies.

8. Future Public Consultation Events and Publicity

• TS to update his power point presentation for the Petersfield Society AGM.

• It was in principle agreed that the TC group should be present on campaign corner of The Square for the food festival event on Sunday 1 June subject to volunteers coming forward to man the stall. The P2M Gazebo to be used. Sharing the stall with The Petersfield Society would add interest and make it easier and less demanding to attend the stall.

• Community Forum presentation would fit in well with completion of draft TDS. Target month is presently October

9. Project cost planning

• VE confirmed that budget estimate had been presented to P2M committee on Wednesday 16 April. Updated budget attached as appendix to these minutes. Printing costs have been increased after discussion with the Alton TDS group.

10. Project Time Update

• TH to update time table

11. Wiki Update

• Nothing to report under this item.

12. Any Other Business

• No other business reported.

13. Date and place of next meeting

• Next meeting to be held on Saturday 7 June 2008 at 9.30 am at 28A the Spain.


TC Group Budget Expenditure 3 May 2008

Project cost planning

• It is envisaged that at least the following items are likely to need funding. This list is not conclusive as further items may be added in time.

- Draft TDS document to be circulated for public consultation. It is assumed that up to 50 hard copies with 40 to 60 pages is seen as a likely number. The same document will be published on the Wiki.
£ 125

- Final TDS report to be printed in 1000 copies, also 40 to 60 pages, of higher print quality standard. Pdf version available on the web. Administrative costs including copy licenses of illustrations and Ordnance Survey maps.

- Both the above publications are anticipated to need support by publicity and public exhibitions. The TC Group Gazebo will be used for the spring food festival event and enquiries made about availability of EHDC trailer for the August bank holiday event. Contingency sum
£ 200

- Wiki subscription renewal.
£ 100
- Local business consultation distributed by EHDC
£ 166

• There may also be a need to find funding for assistance with completing the for the TDS necessary Sustainability Appraisal including Strategic & Environmental Assessment. Cost for this work can not be established without discussion with EHDC who may be able to assist.

£ 500


Total £6091