Friday 29 May

Natural Environment and Local Products

Climate Change:


Over 20 local residents have signed up to making a difference through the
Greening East Hampshire Campaign. The pioneering group met at a workshop
held at Penns Place on 2 July, with EHDC and the Sustainability Centre
helping them to take the lead in mobilising their communities to reduce our
impact on climate change.

The idea is to extend the success of the recent Greening Petersfield
Campaign across the whole district. Terena Plowright from the
Sustainability Centre gave a convincing presentation on the enthusiastic
response to the Greening Petersfield Campaign. Terena explained just what
could be achieved through simple and effective actions like switching off
things at home, trying to cut down on water consumption, or getting
involved in local community events.

"I want to show that becoming greener can be great fun and pull friends and
neighbours together," said Terena, "I think people want to feel included
and powerful - to be a part of this thing. People want simple, cheap
actions which they can achieve, and to feel part of a community - not
isolated by the huge challenge of tackling climate change. Through small
steps, we really can start to make a difference".

The people who have signed up to kickstart the Greening East Hampshire
Campaign will be going back to their neighbours, friends and relatives to
find out what is going on in their area and start the ball rolling. Terena
has offered to give presentations to any other meeting groups identified by
those who have pledged their support for the campaign. Terena will also
set up a website forum so that members of the group can talk to each other
and exchange ideas. EHDC is planning to provide a link from its own
website to help encourage others to join the network.

"The evening was a great success," confirmed Mark Reed, the district
council's operations director. "People gave up their time to turn up and
find out how they could become involved in rolling out the Greening
Petersfield concept to the whole district. There was enormous enthusiasm
from individuals and small communities to get organised and follow the
example of places like Ashton Hayes in Cheshire, where residents have
really got behind the drive to reduce consumption and save energy."

A second meeting will take place in September.

More information is available from Mark Reed, operations director at EHDC,
on 01730 234301, email, or Terena Plowright,
email:, mobile: 07760 442167. Further
details appear on the website at