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Sunday 24 January



Employment and Training


What is message to employers about what they have to do?

Connexions – 13-19 year olds

Apprenticeships on line

Possible barriers

Possible Link between employers and colleges

Parents have to accommodate 16-18 year olds


* Research

* Work with Princes Trust and other organisations

* Develop a product

* Apprenticeships on line

*Explain what an apprenticeship is

* Central vacancy unit

* Petersfield Tomorrow Questionnaire to employers

* Seminars: how to cut through paperwork


* Encourage employers to offer work trial for at least one month (no pay? But travel expenses)

* Local Business HR plan

* Develop local evening classes: target South Downs and Alton


Bob Chambers: getting message across to employers

Graham Smith: strategy development

Connexions – CVU

TPS - ?

Hilary Ayer – EHDC

Will Parsons – Petersfield Post

Local Products

Main priorities

Key steps

Engage with local producers: enthuse them to get involved; appeal to them as businesses

Need for venue, festival, regular events with space available for producers

Marketing to local people: access and awareness

Outlets for local produce: e.g. local produce ‘supermarket’

Audit/direct of what is available locally

Focus on new producers

Contact local chains requesting areas for local produce in their stores

Develop project plans for the main priorities



From wherever

Covers number of areas, such as

Natural Environment

A priority concern for 97% of respondents to the Petersfield Tomorrow survey

Management plans

Group based around the Heath 2005-10

Project work taking place: working parties

What can be done in addition to the plans

Get farmers / landowners involved: open days; education



Better education programme: how people should behave in the countryside


Steep Common

Conflict among groups using Heath – more open space needed?

Concerns about people knowing locations, e.g. Borough Road

Achieving balance between protection and enjoyment

Over-promotion may add pressure

Avoiding over regulation: Don’t want ‘police state’

Key issues

Farming and land use


Choice of areas to visit: advertise all areas, not just Heath


People’s first experience of the environment is growing plants

Schoolchildren linked to allotments

Gardening clubs in schools

Broker for projects between schools and landowners

Education for specific groups, e.g. mothers and family groups

Schools as satellite environment centres

excellent hubs because of their locations

audit of schools’ environmental activities

Link countryside to health

Common project for all stakeholders to focus on

Identify specific species for focus, e.g. Lapwing, Skylarks

Encourage landowners/farmers to manage land for benefit of specific species

Link with national campaigns, cf Jamie Oliver


The more people get informed and involved in the countryside, the more they treasure and respect it

Species-led projects involving schools, farms and food

Guide/directory to access to the environment around Petersfield

Schools acting as local environment centres

Natural Environment Group has a wide remit

Retail and Business


Questionnaire loaded

Threat of pedestrianisation

No incentive for business to come to Petersfield

Difficult to find office space

Difficult to get staff: more involvement with schools

Cost of parking (for staff)

Deliveries and parking

No incentive for businesses to buy permit (e.g. £2.50 a day)

Traffic control

Health and Safety

Councils to do more, e.g. Petersfield in Bloom

No leadership from EHDC, e.g. contact with senior figures

Business in Petersfield – A Voice

Co-ordination: person to co-ordinate and support

Petersfield First: too many groups at present

Promotion of local business

Good balance of business

Marketing and branding of Petersfield (as market town)

Further research, e.g. survey of business to find out facts


*More research in business community (e.g. on pedestrianisation)

* Petersfield First could be vehicle

* Business expertise to contribute to all groups

* Communication

Find out facts and take action


Sean Collins Housing



Petersfield Marketing

Margaret Arnold

John Lewis

Macdonald Oates Solicitors


Town Character

 “Developing” or “enhancing” the character of Petersfield (not ‘preserving’)

Town centre and setting: clogged High Street needs pedestrianisation

Local people, e.g. Steve Pibworth

Art, culture and local activities – make it easy for groups to prosper

Built environment

Location: green fields, e.g. between Bell Hill and bypass etc etc

Shape of the town and its environs


What would we hate to happen in the Town?

What don’t we like about the Town?


  1. Hard to describe Town character in short time.
  2. Needs more work and perhaps an expert consultant from outside to give guidance.
  3. Project group to develop town design statement

Local Transport

Public Transport

Priorities: Information

No bus timetables, e.g. hospital connections

Clearer timetables

Transport Forum based on Petersfield

Themed meeting for East Hants – HCC, EHDC, Transport Groups, Operators

Integration of Bus and Rail

Priorities: SW Trains and Stagecoach must work together (same company)

Cycle initiatives

Funded through Developer contributions

Push HCC to set bus tenders

Priorities: Low floor buses for older people and mothers with young children

Disability awareness training for taxis

Check with EHDC & Taxi Licensing Dept

Work with local forums:

Cycle, bus,  rail

Transport wishes

Improve Public Transport information – clarity and availability

Integration of bus-rail timetables & better bus link to south of Butser

Cycling initiatives

Low floor buses

Disability awareness training

Reform transport working party within Petersfield Tomorrow

September 12, 2006