Wednesday 17th October 2012 at 7pm at Rose Room, Petersfield


The Chairman thanked everyone for attending.


Bob Ayer, Hilary Ayer, Amanda Greenlee, Vincent Edberg, Adam Harper, Suzie Lockyer, Peter Marshall, Margaret Plumridge, Lucy Soal, Graham Steaggles.

Apologies for Absence


Tracy Chandler, Ben Errey. Nick Keith,

Minutes of the Third AGM held on Monday 15th March 2010

The minutes of the fourth AGM held on Monday 10th October 2010 were accepted without amendment.

To receive the report of the Chairman

The Chairman read his report and it was received. Reports from the Biodiversity Group and the ‘Transport Movement & Public Realm Group are appended to the Chairman’s Report.

To receive the report of the Treasurer and adopt the Partnership Accounts for the period 1 August 2010 to 31 July 2012

The Treasurer read the Treasurer’s report of the Partnership Accounts for the period 1 Aug 2011 to 31 July 2012.
The balance as at 3st July was £2,078.63. The Treasurer’s report was received and adopted. The meeting was advised that the cash flow was a matter for concern and that the Partnership needs to address funding opportunities.

To Elect the Officers of The Partnership

The following officers were elected:
• Chairman: Bob Ayer
• Vice Chairman: vacant
• Treasurer: Margaret Plumridge
• Hon Secretary: Amanda Greenlee
• Public Relations Officer: Nick Keith

To Elect the Management Committee

The following members were elected:
• Hilary Ayer, Tracy Chandler, Ben Errey, Sam Farrow, Amanda Greenlee, Vincent Edberg, Tallulah Lewis, Terena Plowright, Graham Steaggles.
Cllr Peter Marshall was confirmed as the Petersfield Town Council’s representative.

Formal Closure of Meeting

The meeting was formally closed at 8 pm and was followed by an informal discussion on future priorities for the Partnership.

Issues raised included:

• Tourism leaflet, much appreciated by the TIC, is running out.
• The ‘wiki’ put in place for the TDS has maintenance costs but is not in use. The Local Realm Group are intending to make use of it for public consultation and will consider making more use of its ‘full wiki’ potential.
• Petersfield Festivities were thanked for funding recent changes and ‘bug fixes’ to the website. Members were asked to encourage Clubs & Societies to make entries on this new page.
• AMT have changed our Insurance Provider – the new provider is local (Chichester) and is very likely to cost us less.
• We will ask if the AMT hold regional meetings.
• The Local Transport group would wish to influence the Petersfield Neighbourhood Plan (which is being put in place by the Town Council).
• Long-term funding of P2M needs to be secured.

RA 28 October 2012