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Sunday 24 January

Petersfield Town Partnership
Town Character Group

Meeting Minutes: 21 April 2007
Meeting held at 28a The Spain

1. Present

• David Carrick (DC), Vincent Edberg (VE), Phil Haines (PH),
Ken Hick (KH), Tracy Haskins (TC), David Jeffery (DJ), Nick Keith (NK),
Tony Struthers (TS),John Venning (JV), Tony Wilson (TW)

2. Apologies

• Vaughan Clarke (VC), John Venning (JV)

3. General Project Update

• It was confirmed that Nick Wates had been appointed as consultant to the Town Character Group. His role is to offer guidance and training to ensure that the public consultation stage is run in an appropriate format which will enforce the viability of the Town Design Statement as a Supplementary Planning Document. Funding for this purpose has been secured as a grant from EHDC to Petersfield Tomorrow.

• TS reported that Petersfield Tomorrow have appointed their new officers being Bob Ayer: Chairman, Tony Struthers: Vice Chairman, Linda Boatswain: Secretary, Paul Malloy: Trasurer, Nick Keith: Public Relations Officer. For the complete committee details see the Petersfield Tomorrow website

4. Appraisal of Training Day

• It was felt that the training day had worked very well and brought considerable insight into the public consultation process for those attending. There were introductions by Nick Wates, Tony Struthers and Alison Wood. The party was then subdivided up into three groups that ventured out on a selected route taking in The Square, Swan Street, Swan Street Car Park, part of Lavant Street and finally back via Chapel Street. The intention was to test the Character Analysis form that was distributed.

• Discussion about the Character Analysis form concluded that this needs to be more generous in terms of space for adding comments, sketches and photographs. It was also strongly felt that some guidance notes were required in order to steer participants in the right direction. It is important to understand what relevant town character issues are. The form is to be reassessed and an updated draft produced by VE for general committee comment and input from Nick Wates.

• VE obtained copy of The Community Planning Handbook by Nick Wates on behalf of the committee.

• The Square Brewery venue was found excellent for the purpose including an abundance of a nourishing cold buffet lunch.

5. Launch of Public Consultation Process

• Launch date for the public consultation process has been set as being 16 June 2007 with a concluding closing down event on September 15.

• Preliminary programme for consultation period of three months to be drawn up and to include a range of events that will keep the project in the public eye.

• Nick Keith to represent the committee for dealing with press releases. Liza Smith (Town & Village Project Officer) of EHDC has offered to assist with getting these circulated efficiently to the local press.

• Nick Wates to be kept informed and up to date with issue of documents via email and telephone. His further involvement in Petersfield to be discussed.

• Meeting arranged for 26 April with Liza Smith at EHDC offices. PH, TS, NK and VE have offered to attend. The idea is to explore how EHDC may be able to offer support with printing, finance, equipment for events etc.

6. Town Character Areas

• TW and VE proposed a subdivision of Petersfield Parish into 25 areas for character analysis which was unanimously accepted. These are intended to be manageable areas for smaller groups of local people to explore using the issued character analysis documents. It is important to note that these are not defined town character areas as those may have completely different boundaries and will be subject to study of gathered information.

• DJ offered to organise a trial run in area 9 centered around Woodbury Avenue. The updated preliminary character analysis document would be tried and tested. VE to supply DJ with relevant information.

• VE to investigate how maps can best be reproduced acknowledging copy right issues and the need for a map of the entire Petersfield Parish as well as smaller maps of the designated 25 character analysis areas. Initial information to be obtained from Alistair Spiers of EHDC.

7. Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

• Alison Wood of EHDC has suggested in discussion with PH and VE that the Town Design Statement will serve as a SPD whether it is adopted or not providing it is conclusively demonstrated that it has wide spread local public support. This emphasizes the need to use our independent consultant Nick Wates to ensure that this happens.

8. Web Site

• PH reported that the Petersfield Tomorrow now has a link to information on Project Groups of which the Town Character group is one. PH and Bob Ayer is working on this together.

• PH proposed that a designated Wiki for the design statement project should be established. This is a designated web based forum for all to keep abreast of progress, add suggestions and obtain information. It was agreed that PH should proceed with getting such a web presence up and running. Petersfield Tomorrow to cover subscription cost.

8. Information records

• List of literature and reports kept at Lyndon House in the offices of PH (Eventbookings) are published on the Petersfield Tomorrow website. Hard copy print out of this list can be distributed to interested individuals without internet access.

9. Any other business

• Involvement by young people in the design statement process isstill an issue that needs to be discussed and resolved.

10. Date and place of next meeting

• Next Meeting to be held at 9.30 am at 28A The Spain on Saturday 12 May 2007.