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Sunday 24 January

Petersfield Town Partnership - Town Character Group

Meeting Minutes - 16 February 2008 - Venue: 28A the Spain, Petersfield

1. Present

• Vincent Edberg (VE), Phil Haines (PH), Tracey Haskins (TH), David Jeffery (DJ), Tony Struthers (TS), David Williams (DW) Tony Wilson (TW)

2. Apologies

• David Carrick (DC), Vaughan Clarke (VC), Nick Keith (NK), Ken Hick (KH), John Venning (JV).

3. Minutes of Meeting 26 January 2008

• The minutes were approved as a correct record of the meeting.

4. Matters arising

• The committee was concerned with the lack of feedback from EHDC representatives about progress to date with writing the Petersfield TDS. It is seen as very important to obtain appropriate guidance and advice to ensure that the final document can be adopted as a SPD. TS ensured the meeting that communication would be forthcoming in due course and asked for patience.

• The TC Group was disappointed to note that they have not been directly invited to take part in the present consultation round with the title Core Strategy - Issues and Options. It is essential that the group takes this opportunity to comment. VE to request six hard copies from Lisa Smith of EHDC. Documents can also be downloaded from the EHDC website or use the link

5. Action Plan for Writing TDS update.

• Draft summary introduction following previously agreed headings as presented by TH provides an excellent bare bone starting point for the Petersfield TDS.

• It was agreed to attempt to cut the number of areas down to say 10 in order to make the TDS document more reader friendly and easier to work with. A very preliminary working model of areas was arranged as follows:
- 4, 8, & 9
- 1 & 3 (Sheet)
- 5 & 2
- 6, 7, 14 & 15
- 13, 19 & 20
- 12, 21, 22, 23 & 24
- 18
- 16 & 17
- Commercial & business site including area 11
- 25
Descriptive heading names for these 10 areas to be contemplated.

• DJ to produce draft for item 3 Local History Development based on the format of the Alton draft TDS.

• TS to prepare text for a pilot sample area in order for other committee members to get an idea of how these area summaries could look like in more detail.

• TH to expand headings for each section so key generic issues that the TC group need to focus on for Petersfield can be better identified.

• It is unclear if EHDC are producing their own Landscape Character Assessment including Petersfield. This would be a useful reference document and be of useful our own work. Future contacts with EHDC to resolve this matter.

• TS showed a copy of the Salford TDS which has been adopted as a SPD. Useful document that can be viewed on the web

• PH to take on the matter of overhead telephone and power cables within the Petersfield Parish boundary as a live demonstration project. It is already an issue raised by comments collected during the public consultation process.

6. Future Public Consultation Events and Publicity

• PH reported that he has been in discussion with interested business parties about two bank holiday events this year. The first is likely to be a food festival in May and the other a repeat of last years August Bank Holiday event but expanded and better planned. The events are expected to be self funding. These will be excellent opportunities for the TC group to extend the public consultation process with press releases and displays in The Square. The TC group expressed their support for the events and VE will report to the next P2M committee meeting requesting their moral support.

• PH and VE to prepare doubled sided A4 document to circulated to the business community asking for their feedback on the Petersfield TDS process so far and also offer direct consultation to those that show interest.

7. Project cost planning

• Update of budget cost planning was discussed. Source for funds will have to be explored. It is envisaged that at least the following items are likely to need funding and the amount required will be in the order of £3500:
- Draft TDS document to be circulated for public consultation. It is assumed that 500 hard copies with 40 to 60 pages is seen as a likely number. The same document will be published on the Wiki.
- Final TDS report to be printed in 1000 copies, also 40 to 60 pages, of higher print quality standard. Pdf version available on the web.
- Both the above publications are anticipated to need support by publicity and public exhibitions. The TC Group Gazebo will be used for the spring food festival event and enquiries made about availability of EHDC trailer for the August bank holiday event.
- Wiki subscription renewal.

• There may also be a need to find funding for assistance with completing the for the TDS necessary Sustainability Appraisal including Strategic & Environmental Assessment. Cost for this work can not be established without discussion with EHDC who may be able to assist.

8. Project Time Update

• Nothing to report under this item.

9. Wiki Update

• VE to add powerpoint presentation used at the January public consultation event to the Wiki. Part of evidence base and general information.

10. Any Other Business

• The question of the Town Character group to consider donations for related and worthy causes was raised. The group do however not control any funds and is on no position to even contemplate such requests. It was agreed that any such requests ought to be politely channeled elsewhere including the possibility of the Petersfield Tomorrow committee.

11 Date and place of next meeting

• Next meeting to be held on Saturday 15 March 2008 at 9.30 am at 28A the Spain.