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Sunday 24 January

Petersfield Town Partnership - Town Character Group

Meeting Minutes - 15 March 2008 - Venue: 28A the Spain, Petersfield

1. Present

• Vincent Edberg (VE), Phil Haines (PH), Ken Hick (KH), David Jeffery (DJ), Tony Struthers (TS), David Williams (DW)

2. Apologies

• David Carrick (DC), Vaughan Clarke (VC), Tracey Haskins (TH), Nick Keith (NK), John Venning (JV). Tony Wilson (TW).

3. Minutes of Meeting 16 February 2008

• The minutes were approved as a correct record of the meeting.

4. Matters arising

• PH gave update on cable under grounding and reported that contact with Ofgem had confirmed that they have a funding programme for this type of work within any AONB. Unfortunately funds have already been allocated until 2010. The thinking is that the TDS process will identify the areas where under grounding in Petersfield needs to be prioritised and then listed. An application can then be made to Ofgem accordingly. PH to write to Alison Tingley of the East Hampshire AONB for further information.

• Another local big issue, already mentioned in TDS documents, is the future inevitable resurfacing of the A3 bypass. Enquiries will be made to establish if the correct and appropriate ‘quiet’ driving surface for an AONB and or SDNP is introduced this time.

• The TC group expressed their support for the two bank holiday events held in The Square and High Street planned during the year.

5. EHDC Core Strategy

• DJ reported that the consultation period for the Core Strategy response has been extended until 6 May.

• TS suggested that he would consult with EHDC about additional workshop or discussion with them.


6. Action Plan for Writing TDS

• TH has produced a very good starting skeleton framework for the draft TDS. Some concern was raised about the prevalence of planning speak although this is seen to be of minor concern at the moment as future editing no doubt will deal with this.

• TS has had informal discussions with EHDC concluding that a round table discussion involving the TC Group would be appropriate. It is essential for an SPD that the completed document does not contradict with and is compatible with the current Local Plan and the Local Development Framework which will replace the former. This meeting is important before work on expanding on the TDS skeleton framework can proceed.

• It is essential that Petersfield Town Council considers the draft TDS and work in progress as presented on the Wiki. KH to deal with this.

• DJ has completed a draft chapter on the historical background and context of the TDS to Petersfield.

• It was not clear whether TW most recent comments on the skeleton framework have been included in the latest issue. TH and TW to clarify.

• TS is working on a pilot version of a draft area comment covering the north east section of Petersfield including areas 2 & 5.

7. Interaction with local business community

• Distribution of proposed flyer to the business community was agreed. VE & PH to draft covering letter which should be short and concise.

• Petersfield Tomorrow to cover distribution cost as quoted by EHDC who will deal with this using their data base. Bob Ayer and Paul Malloy have agreed to this.

8. Future Public Consultation Events and Publicity

• It was agreed that the TC group should be present at the two bank holiday events to be held in May and August. The P2M gazebo will suffice for the single day presence on 1st of June. It may be that the EHDC trailer would be more appropriate for the August bank holiday event but will be considered nearer the time.

9. Project cost planning

• There was nothing to add to finance summary presented at last meeting. VE to prepare presentation document for next Petersfield Tomorrow committee meeting.

• There is still need to keep funding of the necessary Sustainability Appraisal including Strategic & Environmental Assessment in mind. It may be that EHDC will assist with this or that the appraisal will not be needed at all.

10. Project Time Update

• It is clear that the time table needs amending. This is more usefully done after progress meeting with EHDC. The draft TDS is likely to be completed by autumn 2008.

11. Wiki Update

• It was noted that the function of the Wiki has been enhanced and that visitors traffic is increasing. No further amendments to the layout

12. Any Other Business

• VE to print out hard copies of area summaries as requested by KH.

• New email address,, for Vaughan Clarke has been noted

13. Date and place of next meeting

• Next meeting to be held on Saturday 29 March 2008 at 9.30 am at 28A the Spain.