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Sunday 24 January

Petersfield Town Partnership
Town Character Group

Meeting Minutes 12 May 2007
Meeting held at 28a The Spain

1. Present

• David Carrick (DC), Vincent Edberg (VE), Phil Haines (PH), Ken Hick (KH),
David Jeffery (DJ), Tony Struthers (TS),John Venning (JV), Tony Wilson (TW)

2. Apologies

• Vaughan Clarke (VC), John Venning (JV), Tracy Haskins (TH), Nick Keith (NK)

3. Minutes of Meeting 21 April 2007

• These were not available at the meeting so comments and approval was deferred to June meeting.

4. Matters Arising

• VE explained that progress with producing map extracts and updated preliminary version of character analysis form had due to family and work commitments not progressed. These matters should however be resolved during the coming week.

• Involvement of young people to be kept on the agenda.

5. General Project Update

• TS explained that Petersfield Tomorrow had taken advice from Nick Slatter who is responsible for funding related matters at EHDC. The outcome is that the funds held amounting to an Awards for All £5000 grant ought to be allocated to Town Character group projects and spent before September 2007. It is hence essential that a spending budget is prepared and confirmed. PH offered to deal with this matter and produce a itemized budget to discuss with the Petersfield tomorrow treasurer Paul Malloy.

• The budget proposal to include items such as:
- Printing of necessary promotion material. This can be postcard sized project introduction leaflets, information posters, town character analysis form including guidelines, launch day display material.
- Graphic design support by specialist consultant.
- Gazebo(s) - it may be that two are required.
- Pop up stands for permanent and or temporary display of promotional material.
- Internet presence in form of Petersfield wiki page.

6. EHDC Consultation

• The committee was updated on the meeting called by Liza Smith and Steve Bradley of EHDC. The aims and objectives were explained to Liza and Steve followed by a discussion about what type of support our project may need.

• Liza offered to investigate:
- Possible funding sources available for a community project of this kind.
- Availability of space on the Town Square on 16 June and selection of subsequent Saturdays.
- Closure of The High Street on a day in July for a ‘Big Games’ event.
- Collate contact list of businesses, voluntary groups and other organisations.

• Steve offered to consider:
- Communications plan setting out options for the public consultation process.
- If the council can produce four large scale photomontage elevations of the four sides of the square and also a large scale plan of the same. These illustrations are intended to be used on the 16 June for a simple town character exercise engaging the general public on the day.

• VE offered to investigate how the Petersfield Parish map supplied by EHDC can be reproduced and used for the 16 June launch and also for the town character analysis process.

• Date for follow up meeting set for Thursday 17 May at 2 pm at EHDC offices.

5. Launch of Public Consultation Process 16 June

• A central and highly visible position on the square is desirable for the TC gazebo.

• It was suggested to ask a prominent individual such as the new Town Mayor Paul Malloy to officially declare the start of the public consultation process by cutting a ribbon at the launch stand.

• KH suggested that the launch could be made more interesting by inviting John Bridle who is 100 years old this year to the stand. This would represent the change of Petersfield over the last century. The contrast would be to invite a group of children to perform some activity representing the next century.

• KH suggested that stage weights may be useful for keeping Gazebos down in windy conditions. Petersfield Hi Lights may be able to lend some.

• Many committee members are away on the day so attendance from at least 9 am to 3 pm could be a problem unless other volunteers are engaged. It is anticipated that 2 hours per person is a maximum. At least two people should be present at the stand at any one time during the day.

• The general public encouraged to participate in a simplified town character analysis exercise on the day. The proposed subject matter would be The Market Square and perhaps with a love it, hate it, wish it theme. It would also be possible to try out the comprehensive version of the character analysis form.

6. Town Character Analysis

• DJ to proceed with trial town character analysis of area 9 as soon as possible. A group of volunteers are reported to be already willing to participate. The idea is to test the preliminary town character forms in a real life situation with the view of obtaining feedback on the documents provided as well as forming the basis for the guideline document. VE to supply DJ with preliminary documents.

• Other trial run events may be organized if necessary for fine tuning purposes.

• JV reported to VE before the meeting that he would like to get involved with the analysis of area 25 which is the open countryside within the parish boundaries. This investigation will include views of Petersfield from surrounding high spots in the wider landscape such as Butser Hill.

7. Web Site

• PH demonstrated on a laptop how the now up and running internet petersfield wiki page found on works. The general public can now access this source for recording their comments or availability for hands on assistance.

• PH to circulate password for wiki page to all committee members so they can access the page for contributions and amendments.

• TW stressed that parallel information channels must be kept open for people not having or familiar with the internet. The committee agreed this to be essential.

• VE to establish if map images can be used on the internet site without breaching copyright regulations.

8. Information records

• Nothing to report under this item.

9. Any other business

• Attendance at the Churchers College Community Fair had proved useful and contact had been made with many other local groups. PH, NK & TS had been in attendance on the day.

10. Date and place of next meeting

• Next Meeting to be held at 9.30 am at 28A The Spain on Saturday 9 June 2007.