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Sunday 24 January

Petersfield Town Partnership - Town Character Group
Meeting Minutes: 6 October 2007
Meeting held at 28a The Spain
1. Present
David Carrick (DC), Vincent Edberg (VE), Phil Haines (PH), Tracy Haskins (TH)
David Jeffery (DJ), Tony Struthers (TS),John Venning (JV), Tony Wilson (TW)
2. Apologies
Vaughan Clarke (VC), Ken Hick (KH), John Venning (JV), Nick Keith (NK)
3. Minutes of Meeting 9 June 2007
These were not available at the meeting so comments and approval was deferred to next meeting.
4. Matters Arising
It was generally agreed that the publicity aspect of the summer programme of public consultation has been very successful. There was good press coverage and a higher general public awareness of the TDS process has been noticed.
Public participation in the Town Character Analysis process has been disappointing. It is however perceived as a temporary setback as it is recognized that many find it difficult to get engaged when facing a blank form to fill in. It should be easier for people to comment when the area analysis information published on the Wiki is more complete.
5. Action Plan
Completion of Town Character area analysis is a main priority. The aim is to get all summaries onto the Wiki by 17 November and then confirmed by a press release. The following is a summary of the situation per area.
Area 1: VE to contact Simon Lawrence to establish how he is getting on.
Area 2: Summary completed by DC but needs to be entered onto Wiki.
Area 3: TH is working on this area and will complete in time.
Area 4: Summary completed by Bob Ayer, on Wiki
Area 5: Summary completed by Paula Warren, on Wiki
Area 6: VE to contact Ken Hick to establish how he is getting on.
Area 7: TS said that he would take this area on if no other volunteer was found.
Area 8: Summary completed by Tony Shaw
Area 9: Summary completed by DJ
Area 10: VE organising group
Area 11: This is the business area along Bedford Road.
Area 12: Contacts in the area to be explored by VE
Area 13: Summary completed by TS
Area 14: Summary completed by Hilary Ayer
Area 15: Summary completed by Hilary Ayer
Area 16: VE & PH to search records of people that have expressed interest for a suitable contact.
Area 17: Rival Moor Road area, local contacts such as Andrew Bulmer to be asked for help.
Area 18: VE has one completed form for this area. Will chase David & Prue Scurfield for another couple.
Area 19: Town Character committee to complete froms on Saturday 20 October.
Area 20: TW has got the summary in draft.
Area 21: PH to ask TPS if they can organize a group comprising of students and teachers to do this one.
Area 22: VE to find out if Paul Malloy can organize a small group to do this one.
Area 23: Summary completed by PH
Area 24: PH to enquire about help from Broad Park residents.
Area 25: JV is working on this one and hope to complete within the next few weeks.
It was decided that work can progress straight away on the draft TDS report. TH, TS & TW will get under way with the introduction as described by agreed draft headings attached to the agenda and published on the Wiki.
Arrange open work shop in the New Year to cover item 7 Development Guidance in the draft TDS headings. DJ to investigate availability of the library and suggest date for this meeting.
It was suggested that it may be useful to be present on The Square on Sunday 2nd December. The aim would be to display all the 25 area summaries. The purpose would be for the public to comment further on the result and also to attract publicity to keep the process in the public eye.
The issue of the sustainability appraisal was discussed and it was decided to in the first place establish to what extent EHDC planning can assist with this. The equivalent report for Romsey may well be useful as a template. A copy was available for inspection. See item 9 below.
6. Consultant
It was decided that it would not be necessary to engage Nick Wates for further consultation within the near future. This to be reassessed on an ongoing basis.
7. Project Time Table Update
The meeting decided that there is no need to adjust the draft time table at this moment in time.
8. Wiki Update
The Wiki is proving a very useful tool as long as it can be kept up to date so of interest to more frequent visitors. VE and PH in particular to continue with amendments and additions to ensure this aim. Other committee members are invited to be more active with this work.
9. Any Other Business
VE to draft letter to EHDC planning in order to ascertain the process expected by the Council to ensure that the TDS is adopted as a SPD. Letter to be circulated to TH, TS, and TW before being posted. The idea is also to establish to what extent and with what the Council can assist. There are issues such as the sustainability appraisal and the influence by the two local conservation areas. Other issues are information on listed buildings and the possible presence of a SPD (special protection area). The Heath could, for example, be one of the latter.
Any relevant independent campaigning by committee members ought to be listed as part of the evidence record. One such item is a talk by VE about the TDS to the local ex round tablers on Wednesday 3 October
10. Information records
Nothing to report under this item.
11. Date and place of next meeting
Next Meeting to be held at 9.30 am at 28A The Spain on Saturday 20 October 2007. This will be followed at about 11 am by the committee completing Town Character Analysis forms for area 19 being The Square and surrounding area.