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Sunday 24 January

Petersfield Town Partnership
Town Character Group

Meeting Minutes: 6 January 2007
Meeting held at 28a The Spain

1. Present

• David & Mary Carrick (DC&MC), Vincent Edberg (VE), Phil Haines (PH),
Ken Hick (KH), Tracy Haskins (TC), David Jeffery (DJ), Nick Keith (NK),
Tony Struthers (TS),John Venning (JV), Tony Wilson (TW)

Nick Keith joined the TC group. Contact email details: - otherwise Life Magazines Ltd. at 22 High Street, Petersfield.

2. Apologies

• Vaughan Clarke (VC), Sharmoine Osborne (SO)

3. Officers

• It was agreed that additional officers are not required at this stage.

4. Scope of Project

• TW circulated proposal for Town Design Statement - Draft Headings which after discussion were slightly amended and accepted as a working model as per attached appendix sheet A. The main points were:
- KH pointed out that there are two conservation areas one for Petersfield and one for Sheet.
- TH suggested subheadings to 4b being neighbourhood areas of draft headings should be further sub defined as character areas.
- It was agreed that an additional heading now numbered 6 should be Sustainability.
- NK enquired about the possibility of considering type of mix of development or use of existing buildings whether commercial or domestic can form part of the final document. TH & TS thought this to be difficult to enforce as part of a SPD but TW pointed out that this does form part of town character so ought to be kept in mind.

PH circulated map of geographical area initially proposed to be covered by the Design Statement. This was accepted as geographical area to be covered.

5. Funding

• TS have discussed alternative funding sources with Alison Wood of EHDC. It is apparently possible to obtain funds through a Planning Delivery Grant. It is now up to the TC group to put forward a proposal.

• TS suggested that outside consultants ought to be considered for three workshops as follows:
- a) 1 day: Training session for TC group plus EHDC representative(s).
- b) 1 day: Invite to the wider community to participate in structured session.
- c) 1 day: TC group to have assistance with analyzing results from item b above.

• PH to draft brief for employing consultant(s). This document to form basis for fee proposals.

6. Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

• TH pointed out that the correct heading for this item should be SPD i.e. Supplementary Planning Document. Not SPG as suggested in minutes from previous meeting.

• TH also suggested that EHDC need to be properly informed of progress made by the TC group so the existence of a SPD in making for Petersfield can be included in their forward planning. TH to produce time table proposal covering various development stages to be circulated to group members before being officially sent to Alison Wood. This matter is fairly urgent so ought to be accomplished by next group meeting.

7. Web Site

• VE and PH have discussed with Bob Ayers the introduction of a TC group secure page attached to the Petersfield Tomorrow web page. It was agreed that this is a good idea but implementation was not sorted.

• Post meeting note: VE received email from Bob Ayers that he needs technical help with sorting web site access. PH to action.

8. Information records

• TH is progressing well with sorting hard copy library to be stored at PH’s offices in Lyndon House. Web links are also being structured. PH to circulate when document is complete.

• It was agreed following proposal from TW that as many as possible of group members should read a by them selected sample of a completed Design Statement and then produce an A4 sized summary of the structure and points of interest contained in that document. Notes to be circulated at next meeting if possible. See attached sheet B recording who is or has read what.

9. Any other business

a. TS confirmed that Chris Paterson of EHDC is moving on so another person will be appointed as EHDC contact. No name available as yet.

b. TS explained that the Petersfield Tomorrow steering group remains vague in structure in relation to TC group work but expected that this will improve and become clearer over time.

c. Local school workshops to be discussed with head of schools in the near future. Better to wait until after next group meeting.

d. Next steering group meeting to be held on 31 January 2007. VE, TS and possibly PH to attend.

10. Date and place of next meeting

• Next Meeting to be held at 9.30 am at 28A The Spain on Saturday 27 January 2007.


Town Design Statement - Draft Headings

1. Introduction
a. Explanation
b. Purpose
c. Status
d. Position in planning framework
e. How to use

2. Geography of Area
a. Town setting
b. Surrounding area

3. Local History Development

4.Existing environment and character
a. Conservation areas (Petersfield & Sheet)
b. Other neighbourhood areas by name and character

5.Open Spaces

a. Environment
b. Building construction

3.Development guidance
d. The vision of the future
e. Preservation and enhancement of character
f. Buildings
g. Open spaces and nature conservation
h. Trees
i. Street furniture
j. Transport
i. Highways and traffic
ii. Car parking
iii. Bus services
iv. Rail




Design Statement Reading

This is obviously optional and group members may select to undertake alternative forms of research.

DC Investigating existence of design statements for Marlborough, Battle or other
MC Investigating existence of design statements for Marlborough, Battle or other
VC To be selected
VE Stratford Upon Avon
PH Ropley
TH Research guidance for other group members
KH Buriton & Selby
NH Haslemere
DJ Liss Village
SO To be selected
TS Budley Salterton
JV Would like to look at Stratford District Design Guide but may select design statement to read as well
TW Eccleshall

It would be useful if it can be established how many of these design statements have been adopted as SPDs. Also useful to find out if documents have effectively influenced the local planning process.

Please let me know if this list needs correcting or updated with new info.