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Sunday 24 January

Petersfield Town Partnership - Town Character Group

Meeting Minutes - 5 January 2008 Meeting held at 28A the Spain, Petersfield

1. Present

• Vincent Edberg (VE), Tracey Haskins (TH), Ken Hick (KH), David Jeffery (DJ),
Tony Struthers (TS), David Williams (DW)

2. Apologies

• David Carrick (DC), Phil Haines (PH), Vaughan Clarke (VC), Nick Keith (NK),
John Venning (JV), Tony Wilson (TW)

3. Minutes of Meeting 17 November 2007

• The minutes were approved as a correct record of the meeting.

4. Matters Arising

• VE reported that no reply had been received to date to the letter addressed to Daryl Phillips of EHDC planning requesting meeting about TDS and SDP status. VE to send reminder of 12 January Workshop and another copy of letter.

5. Area Summaries

• All field work for all area summaries has been completed. Write up for areas 10, 12 & 18 remain to be entered onto Wiki. VE to complete editing.

6. January 12th Workshop

• Positions for A4 posters of two designs discussed. Laminated versions available at meeting and to be distributed as agreed.
• KH to ensure that the Petersfield Town Council are aware of the workshop and general progress.
• Preliminary version of A4 folded information leaflet with space for comments by visitors to workshop discussed and amendments agreed. 200 copies to be available on the day. TS to talk to PH who has offered to print these documents on his photocopier.
• VE and DJ to collect pin boards from the Town Hall on Friday 11th.
• It is not clear if JV will have the CPRE pin boards available for the event.
• Set up session for workshop in Petersfield Library to commence at 2 pm on Friday 11th and finish by 5 pm. The following have so far confirmed that they can attend part or all of the time: DJ, VE, DW, TS. More help is needed.
• Coffee will not be served as there is no funding available and also as it is regarded to become far too time consuming.
• Petersfield Tomorrow banner to be fixed to railings outside library on the morning of Saturday 12th January.
• PH had at one point offered to produce name badges for the committee members to ware on the day. VE to contact PH to find out if this is this still possible.
• It would be useful to have a laptop available on the day in order to explain to the public how the Wiki works in case they ask. It is not clear if wireless internet access is available in the library meeting room. VE to discuss with PH.
• Collection box for completed forms needed. VE to bring.
• Visitors to be encouraged to leave their contact details. A record of numbers of visitors to be kept by a committee member as some may not wish to leave their name etc. Method to be discussed during Friday meeting.
• VE to rearrange all 25 area summaries on his computer system suitable for A1 printing. These will be the main source of information for the public to consider. Area descriptions to be printed on a separate sheet for general guidance.
• Other display material to include general maps of Petersfield, arial photo, flood level map from The Environment Agency and also general information about the TDS process.
• Existing A6 cards to be used on the day as means to entice the public in The Square and Rams Walk to visit the exhibition and take part.
• Continuous 3 minute loop power point presentation by TS & PH viewed and discussed. Minor amendments agreed.
• Programme for the workshop can be summarized as follows:
- Press campaign to increase public awareness already under way.
- A6 information cards to be distributed to the public during Saturday market on the day of the event the 12th.
- All visitors to be given an A4 folded leaflet when they enter the workshop. One part to be general information on project progress and intentions and the other half to be tear off slip including space for comments. The latter to be collected when person leave the workshop. Important to establish if there is general support for work completed to date.
- Continuous loop power point presentation to run at one end of room offering general information about the TDS project.
- All 25 area summaries in A1 format and including illustrations to be displayed around the room. The public to be encouraged to consider and discuss the main issues and recommendations of each area. The intention is to steer the discussion along relevant subject matters that will progress the TDS process.
- Stickies and note paper to be freely available to the public for adding comments to area summaries or maps etc.
- Tables to be available for public to sit at for writing of comments.

7. Publicity

• It was noted that both The Petersfield Herald, first page, and The Petersfield Post, page four, have write ups on the January workshop this week. Further publicity expected next week including something on area 21, The Causeway, in The Post.

8. Wiki Update

• It was agreed that the contact names for each area summary no longer serve a purpose so these can be deleted
• Feedback from the public and DW suggest that the comment box for each summary area is not straight forward to find. Would be better to have a click here button at the top to make this facility more obvious.

9. Any Other Business

• Future budget requirements to be added to the agenda of the next meeting.

10. Date and place of next meeting

• Next meeting to be held on Saturday 26 January 2008 at 10 am at 28A the Spain. Please note slightly later time than usual.