Friday 29 May

Hidden Britain Steering Group

Notes of the Hidden Britain Steering Group
Wednesady 28th January 2009 at Square Brewery

Action Planning

There was general agreement on the 4 key actions determined from the previous meeting. This meeting began the process of Action Planning by considering:

These questions were considered for each of the 4 key actions:

These notes will confine content to why we are doing it - the detailed discussions are available to members of the Steering Group via our steering group site.


Why are we doing it?

Signage has been identified as poor in several areas such as visitors arriving by car & public transport, and pedestrian orientation. By improving these we can make Petersfield far more visitor –friendly, ease access to the locality, and better inform.
We need to be aware of the conservation area, HCC’s policy of avoiding proliferation, ensuring minimum clutter and avoiding driver distraction.

Maps & Map Boards

Why are we doing it?

Current available maps of Petersfield are out of date and current mapboards in car parks are not as useful as they could be.
By improving these we will assist in directing and informing people, as well as promoting businesses, for both visitors and residents.

In and around Petersfield Leaflet

Why are we doing it?

Currently there is little in the way of general promotional material for the town, the previous promotion leaflet has been out-of-print for some years.
We hope with this to encourage visitors to not only come to Petersfield but also to stay longer and spend more. We also hope this will encourage localised visits to the surrounding are.

Logo & Brand

Why are we doing it?

To make Petersfield distinct and promote its unique selling points, as well as providing a visual identity for the town and references it to the South Downs. The brand will provide coherency and consistency and enable the town to sell itself as a destination.
The brand will need to be reproducible, simple, recognisable but chiefly acceptable to the town as a whole. It will also be useful to reference the Petersfield flag in the process.