Friday 29 May

Hidden Britain Steering Group

Minutes of the Hidden Britain Steering Group
Wednesday 26th November 2008 at Square Brewery


Bob Ayer Chairman
Hilary Ayer
Paul Molloy
Tony Shaw
Graham Smith
Tony Struthers
Claudia Townsend Hidden Britain
James Turner Hidden Britain
Debbie Vodden - EHDC
Penny Young - Petersfield Tourist Information Centre
Tom Navigate Design


Gareth Gammon
Nick Keith


JT shared the Vision, Goal and Key Aims of the initiative, which were agreed. The documents produced by the group are available from ‘’ and the detail of this meeting will be added. Please note that the link to Petersfield is not available on the Hidden Britain home page as it is intended for the workings of this group.

Available Leaflets and Information

A large quantity of available leaflets and information was ‘dropped’ on the table that represented the ‘Face of Petersfield’. There was general agreement that this was disjointed and did not provide a clear message.

Project Group development

The group conducted a ‘post-it’ session to highlight the strengths of Petersfield and these were summarized and prioritized. This was followed by several structured sessions that considered “So Petersfield is…” and who we would wish to encourage visiting Petersfield. The detail of these sessions will be collated by JT and posted on the Hidden Britain website.

Actions for next meeting

Review the outputs from this meeting (all)
Share with others (all)
Gather pictures to reflect our discussions (all)
Conduct a proper audit of what Petersfield has under the following headings:
• Accommodation (PY/DV?)
• Food & Drink (DV?)
• Detailed Visitor Attractions (EHDC Web Site)
• Retail & shops (GG?)
• Events (?)
• Natural areas and buildings if interest (TSt?)
• Transport (TSh)
• Activities, walks and physical(DV)

Date of next meeting

The next meeting will take place on Thursday 8th January at 3pm. Meeting room has yet to be confirmed. It is anticipated that the duration of the meeting will be less than 2-hours.

HA 27 Nov 08