Friday 29 May

Employment & Training for Young People

Notes of Meeting 30 January 07

Connexions made a very useful presentation of their role. Statistics on job choices for young people in the Petersfield were circulated.

Again the main point becoming clear was that any problem is not so much with absolute numbers of jobs not available (although even 4 young people without jobs is 4 too many) but with the apparent shortage of opportunities for alternatives to pursuing college education - and for post-college “returnees”.

It was also apparent that despite extensive support available to job aspirants, some continued to be unsuccessful because of personal or educational attainment reasons. It was not clear what could be done to remedy this.

It was agreed that the proposed EHDC seminar, now probably May-June, should be aimed principally at local businesses; the objective being to make them aware of the potential for it being in their own direct interests to take on and train young people for their future work-force. The potential for Work Experience placements should also be covered.

EHDC reported on conversations with Highbury College, the statistics reinforcing the view that absolute numbers were not too much of a problem. Conflicting information about the availability of training places in various job sectors needed pursuing.

It was agreed that efforts should be made to widen Group membership by inviting people with special involvement in the work.