Friday 29 May

Employment & Training for Young People

Notes of Meeting 5th March 2007

Paul Harvey, a representative from TPS was welcomed to the Group. It was re-iterated that any problem is not so much with absolute numbers of jobs not available but with the apparent shortage of opportunities for alternatives to pursuing college education, and for post-college "returnees". There was further discussion of how employers might be encouraged to take on apprentices.

There was acceptance that the proposed EHDC seminar, probably May-June, should be aimed principally at local businesses; the objective being to make them aware of the potential for it being in their own direct interests to take on and train young people for their future work-force.

It was noted that large numbers of employers already participate in Work Experience placements and that these could be a good group to start with, perhaps with the co-operation of Trident (TPS's Work Experience placement facilitator).
An invitation "flyer" was discussed. Advice was that dissemination by e-mail was more effective than a flyer or mail shot but it was agreed that this may reach only the "converted", whereas there is a real need to attract the interest of firms that might not have considered taking on apprentices. It had previously been agreed that there is a need for information for such firms to be pitched between a flyer and the Connexions handouts.

A funding opportunity under the Network Fund under the "Every Child Matters" programme was noted with the possibility of generating a bid in furtherance of the Group's work. These might include (a) a Petersfield-area employers survey as to skill shortages, training & recruitment needs etc and (b) a schools survey of student's ambitions & expectations.

Mention was also made of the sources of training courses and range of subjects available - Highbury, South Downs, Havant, Sparsholt, PETA, SETA etc.
Additional people with special interest or involvement in its work are welcome as members of the Group.